Why did we start it?

The Tech Amnesty campaign began in February 2021. We started it due to one big reason: the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic forced many children to study from home. Unfortunately many of these children did not have access to a tablet or computer required to be able to do this and so were missing out on valuable education and interaction with their teachers and classmates.

The aim of our Tech Amnesty was to donate as many laptops and tablets as we could to the children who needed them in order to carry on their education.

How can you help?

If you have any unwanted tech at home or at the office, we would greatly appreciate your donation, here’s how:

(Please note: We do not accept CRT monitors for Tech Amnesty, see IT recycling page)

Where do the donations go?

So far, we have donated approximately 500 laptops/tablets to different schools and charities across Wiltshire and Dorset. However, we are looking to expand our support to a larger area – please get in touch for further details.

Your donation, once refurbished, will end up being donated to a school, non-profit organisation or charity. 

Find your nearest donation point

Read through our list below to find your local donation point. Please be aware that dates and times may vary between the sites.

Mon 08-45 to 15-00, Tue-Thur 08-45 to 14-30, Fri 09-15 to 14-00

  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

Please note: As these are operational stations, we cannot guarantee that there will be anyone there at all times to accept donations. Keep in mind that in the event of a fire, the station will not be able to process your donation and you may need to return at a different time.

Full-time stations accepting donations (it is advised that you call the station prior to bringing in your equipment to assess how busy they are and if anyone will be there to take in your donation):

Part-time stations

*Please note we are in process of arranging more Tech Amnesty drop-off locations across the county, we will update when available. 

By donating your old tablets and computers to the BIG TECH AMNESTY we can help fight digital poverty together and make a massive difference to those who don’t have access to technology.

Sign up to be a donation site now

To sign up to become a donation site, please email donations@greenmachinecomputers.com

Do you work for a school, charity or non-profit organisation? Here’s how to get involved…

If you work for an eligible organisation and would like to start receiving refurbished devices, please email donations@greenmachinecomputers.com with your company name and any specific requirements you may have.


The Big Tech Amnesty is a not-for-profit scheme operated by Green Machine Computers. All donations are gratefully received and go directly to support disadvantaged individuals in the surrounding areas.  For more information, you can call 01672520133 or email donations@greenmachinecomputers.com