Josh Martin, Network Engineer

Green Machine Computers are passionate about helping people in the community. Since its’ infancy, the company has tried to employ people who would otherwise find it difficult to get into their desired industry due to lack of experience, learning difficulties or likewise.

One of our longest-standing employees, Josh, was introduced to us through the Newbury Community Resource Centre (NCRC); a charitable organisation who train and employ a variety of disabled or disadvantaged individuals. Josh started working with Green Machine along with two other volunteers from NCRC back in 2016. All three of the new trainees struggled with learning difficulties but were interested in working with technology. Knowing the difficulties that they would face, Simon (Managing Director of Green Machine Computers) took them on to help upskill them and to give them valuable knowledge which would make them all vastly more employable.

When Josh started working with the IT recycling facility, his anxiety was so severe that he avoided eye contact and rarely spoke to other members of the team. Due to being a small business, we were able to dedicate the time needed to nurture and develop him in his role. In addition, the duties performed by the recycling team were highly process driven, which suited Josh’s style of logical thinking.

Earning while you’re learning

Once Josh and the company were acquainted, he was put through a Level 3 apprenticeship course as a Network Technician. Although, at times, Josh found his studies difficult, he had the support from his colleagues and from Green Labyrinth to help him along his way. Josh had always been interested in working with computers, but lacked the knowledge needed to get into the field. By supporting him through his qualification, Green Machine were able to develop his skills in IT, while giving him the environment he needed to build his confidence around people. Similarly, he now has the skills and knowledge available to him to find employment elsewhere.

Fast-forward to today, and Josh is barely recognizable. The once quiet and shy individual who first came to the team became one of our biggest personalities in the office. Not only has Josh passed his Level 3 qualification, but he has now gone on to undertake a Level 4 qualification for a Unified Communications Technician.

We’re sharing Josh’s story to highlight how beneficial apprenticeships can be for both the employee and the employer. By supporting Josh through his qualifications, Green Machine have gained themselves a loyal, passionate and grateful employee. His knowledge and skills have surpassed expectation, and he is now a core member of the team.

Before starting an apprenticeship, Josh didn’t think he would be able to work in IT due to his lack of experience and his learning challenges. It just goes to show, that you can never truly know what a person is capable of. Each and every employee is different in their own way, and their only limit is on how much you are willing to do to for them.