9 out of 10 people low income households in the UK are facing the tough decision to give up the internet in favour of paying more essential utility bills.

Have you ever thought about how the waste you produce effects wildlife? We throw things away without even thinking. It takes 2 seconds to chuck something in the bin, but it will effect our planet and its wildlife for centuries. Harm and death is being caused to a lot of innocent animals because of the …

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What is eco-anxiety? Eco-anxiety is a term that has recently received added attention. In the wake of COP26, our society is under more pressure than ever before to reduce our carbon footprints and to make sustainable choices in order to reduce the effects of climate change. Simply put, eco-anxiety refers to the (totally rational) fear …

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Green house gases are what keeps are planet warm. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas that makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. While this isn’t a huge number, CO2 has a big part in the greenhouse effect as it traps and emits heat, keeping us and the planet warm. However, CO2 and other greenhouse …

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An introduction into data security measures and how to comply with government legislation (such as GDPR)