Electronic waste (E-waste/WEEE)

At Green Machine, it’s not just how we recycle computers that matters to us. We care about all things recycling and we do more than just recycle and refurbish computers to help the planet!

What can I do to lower pollution?

Here at Green Machine, we try to reuse as much as possible. All our office chairs and desks are reused, our IT equipment in the office has been refurbished by our IT technicians; making something that was once deemed useless, turn in to something that is now helping us to complete our work tasks today! If we can reuse something at Green Machine, we definitely will be, nearly nothing goes to waste here!

If, after our hardest efforts to find a use for a particular item, are unsuccessful, then we have a skip that we put these particular items in to. They are then sent to a specialised refiner who sorts out and breaks down the materials properly, so that the components can be melted down and used once more.

However, you can expect that 95% of everything you see in our offices is reused. Although we would love to reuse every single thing we can, this is beyond the boundaries of possibilities sometimes.

As you can expect, in our busy office a lot of paperwork is produced; meaning a great quantity of paper and ink is used. However, we do this in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We always use recycled paper and we use ink toners that we receive out of the printers that are donated to us.

Little hacks to lower your emissions

At Green Machine we have recycling boxes for our staff to use, although recently a growing concern has been the number of plastic bottles and aluminium cans going into these boxes. While we would never stop our staff from enjoying their fizzy and soft drinks, we decided it would be a great idea to implement a soda stream in our office; so our staff can quench their need for fizzy drinks while doing good for the environment! The soda stream has been a great hit and had lots of positive feedback; it has also boosted team morale due to our staff knowing they’re helping to save the planet. A great fact from the soda stream website is that ‘soda streams from all around the world have stopped 6.3 billion plastic bottles and cans from polluting our environment’.

Every now and then, we like to get a bit crafty and repurpose old computer parts (that can no longer be used due to being too outdated), into something quirky and cool such as coasters made out of resin with an old CPU inside of it. It’s great to have a bit of fun but also make use of something that would no longer be viable for today’s technology needs.

As you can see, Green Machine does a lot more for the planet than just recycling computers and are continuing to find new ways to keep on helping the planet too!

You can find more about what we do on www.greenmachinecomputers.com

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