The Reuse Revolution

Ethical e-waste disposal

In light of the WEEE directive and the global climate crisis, most businesses are taking a good look at their overall environmental impact. As technology is constantly updating and innovating, we are forced to upgrade to stay ahead of the curve, but how we dispose of our obsolete computer hardware (e-waste) can make a big difference to your overall emissions.

E-waste thrown away this year (tons)

Why is electronic waste bad?

electronic waste - the cycle of pollution

Electronic waste,  is rapidly becoming an issue across the globe; with improperly-disposed devices ending up in landfill where they leak chemicals and poison the ecosystem. We all have a responsibility to dispose of our electronics in a way which is least disruptive to the environment. Our reliance on technology has produced a whole new waste stream – one that is growing 3 times faster than the rate of the human population

The UK is one of the world’s largest producers of e-waste; ranking 5th in terms of material discarded per person (with each individual discarding the equivalent of 34 iPads).

Despite the large quantity of e-waste that the UK produces, only 12.5% of this waste is getting adequately recycled.

Why is Green Machine different?

There are many issues surrounding e-waste to consider: the pollution it creates, the amount of waste that is being produced, depleting resources, and so on. Consequently, for technology (and life as we know it) to continue, we need to repair, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our pollution solution:
circular computing, electronic recycling, e-waste disposal

Communicating with schools and charities, we are able to pair your unwanted IT equipment with organisations that can give it a second life. Through our refurbishment process, we are able to completely erase all previous data, rebuild the system, upgrade any hardware components and install up-to-date software on it so that it can be reused.

Up to 98% of e-waste can be recycled for reuse. By reusing as many components as possible, we:

  • Save precious materials (gold, palladium, mercury)
  • Reduce the number of pollutants entering the atmosphere
  • Lower the percentage of people who cannot access affordable technology.
Digital exclusion

Did you know?

Around 10 million people in the UK are digitally excluded (they either lack a computer or the basic skills to use one).

We believe that everybody should have the access to all of the benefits that technology has to offer. Because of this, we donate our devices to a variety of charities supporting people who are at risk of becoming digitally excluded.

Do you have unwanted IT equipment that someone less fortunate could benefit from using?

Multi-award-winning service

By frequently supporting disadvantaged communities around the UK, we have proven that business’ waste doesn’t have to be wasted.  Since 2011, we have helped individuals at risk of digital poverty by donating refurbished computer hardware. As well as fulfilling our company goals, this focus on giving back to our community has earned us a ‘few’ trophies. 

List of business awards and achievements for Green Machine Computers in Wiltshire.

Greenmachine are not only doing us a favour with recycling IT looking after our environment

Greenmachine are not only doing us a favour with recycling IT looking after our environment, then selling reconditioned IT at affordable prices, in the process of all that, are helping people with educational challenges get qualifications! What’s not to love? Make sure you check them out. Also do business IT support.

MR Smith | IT Support


Simon and his team are absolutely first class PC experts who dove tail well into my skills and their support in data recovery tasks I have needed to undertake at short notice have been nothing less than superb!!! Simons Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and his teams implementation of of the plan has ensured the shortest possible time for me to recover the problem computers and hard drives.

Rich Pitts | Senior Research Advocate

Green Machine are the best at what they do; from annoying laptop problems, to US Military standard data removal. They offer the best prices you’ll ever see, and keep in touch the whole time! I cannot, and will not, recommend anyone as highly as Green Machine

Euan Gannon |

Simon has an encyclopaedic knowledge about pcs, servers and networks – combined with his passion for service & value – means he provides invaluable support to small & home based businesses.

Richard Paget | My Apple Juice

On behalf of Ramsbury Community Transport , The Ramsbury Flyer, may I offer our sincere thanks for the donation of a lap top. It will greatly help our work in the community

Ron Young | Deputy Chairman and Trustee of Ramsbury Community Transport & The Ramsbury Flyer

Simon Crisp has proven and extensive experience in IT, organisational management and leadership together with excellent people skills and business ethics. These attributes stand Simon out from the crowd and make him a joy to work with. Already a success, lead by Simon, I recommend Green Machine Computers as a solution to meet your needs.

Basit Ali Bsc Hons MRICS | Development Director

I have just taken delivery of the 3x iPads and 2x laptops and wanted to send you a huge thanks from all of us at St Michael’s. These will make such a difference to the pupils and staff.

Anonymous | St Michael’s

You have very kindly supported us with laptops before and we have purchased one from you also. Providing laptops to our team in Ghana has made such a difference to professionalising our work: helping staff to enter monitoring data and write reports, attend meetings with the UK team (which has been so vital particularly over the last year), streamline their work, and build on their IT skills. Once again thank you for all you are doing with the local community with the Tech Amnesty, it’s so fantastic.

Tara Colsell-Hawes | Operations and Projects Officer – Action Through Enterprise (ATE)

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