Tech Amnesty

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced children to study from home indefinitely. Unfortunately many don’t have access to a tablet or computer required to be able to do this and so are missing out on valuable education and interaction with their teachers and classmates. By donating your old tablets and computers to the BIG Tech AMNESTY we can help fight digital poverty together and make a massive difference to the children and schools who are struggling with home schooling right now.

Its so simple to help:

  • Donate your old tech at one of our covid-secure drop-off points. (Click here to find your nearest drop-off point.)
  • We’ll then securely remove all data and personal information, before refurbishing and reinstalling all operating software.
  • Finally we’ll match and deliver to a school or individual who really needs it.

The Story So Far:

If you would like to Donate to our cause:

The Big Tech Amnesty is a not-for-profit scheme operated by Green Machine Computers. All donations are gratefully received and go directly to support children and schools in the surrounding areas.  For more information you can call 01672520133 or email

Click Here to make a donation through the Good Exchange:

The Good Exchange is a Not-for-Profit organisation, wholly owned by a Registered Charity (Greenham Trust).  We don’t aim to make profits and we don’t have to give dividends to shareholders – we’re only interested in helping good causes and funding organisations and individuals to come together for the good of the industry (hence our name – The Good Exchange).