Before finding out why you should buy a refurbished computer, let’s begin with…

‘What is a refurbished computer?’

Most people think ‘outdated’ and ‘unusable’ when they hear about a refurbished computer (for instance, an old pensioner’s computer from the 1980’s). Therefore, they do not even consider looking for a refurbished product and go straight on to find a brand-new laptop or PC instead.

 ‘as good as a new…’

To put it simply, a refurbished computer is a piece of ‘second hand’ equipment that has: been inspected; had any necessary repairs done to it; been updated with any upgrades available; been cleaned and had it’s data wiped. Once this process is completed, the item is then ready to be resold ‘as good as a new’.

A refurbished gaming laptop built by us.

5 main steps to refurbish a computer…’

A refurbished computer isn’t just turned on, wiped and resold. There is actually a very lengthy process to it, (usually consisting of 5 main steps to ensure high standards are met)

  1. All data on the machine is wiped (which is a legal requirement)
  2. The machine also goes through intense cleaning to remove dust and any other particles trapped inside
  3. Any necessary repairs are carried out
  4. The correct software is installed
  5. A final test is conducted to ensure quality

‘A considerable number of benefits

While a refurbished piece of equipment isn’t likely to be a state-of-the-art, brand new Apple MacBook, there are a considerable number of benefits to buying a refurbished laptop.

An obvious benefit of buying a refurbished computer is the cost; you can save yourself a massive amount of money by buying a refurbished laptop or PC rather than buying something brand new. To compare; a brand-new laptop from the Dell website usually costs anywhere from £800+, whereas, a refurbished laptop usually costs £300 (or sometimes even less depending on what specifications you are looking for), so you’d be looking at saving an extraordinary 50% (or more) if you bought a refurbished laptop or PC.

Also, if you are on a budget, then you are more likely to be able to buy a refurbished computer with better functionality than you would if you were buying a brand new one. By choosing to purchase a second-hand device, your money will go further and you may be able to afford a more powerful machine that would otherwise be out of your price range.

A prime example of this kind of saving would be in gaming systems. A fully equipped gaming desktop can set you back thousands of pounds. However, by using refurbished components, a similar kit would be a fraction of the cost (enabling the budget-conscious or gaming novices an equal opportunity to own a high-performing set-up).

A refurbished laptop or PC may have minor cosmetic damage (such as scratches to the outer casing); however, it is thoroughly tested to ensure the quality is up to high standards and it’s almost as good as new before being resold.

‘environmental factor…’

The environmental factor of buying a refurbished laptop is also a huge benefit. Each person in the UK generates roughly 23.5kg of e-waste every year, and when big companies (such as Apple and Dell) manufacture laptops and PCs, more harmful gases are released into the atmosphere which leaves behind a huge carbon trail. This is avoided when buying a refurbished laptop, plus it means you would be buying something that might have potentially gone to landfill. Buying a refurbished machine means you will be helping the environment.

The company I work for aim to tackle the ever-evolving problem of e-waste. We collect unwanted tech and recycle the parts; refurbishing said parts into a laptop or PC that is like-new and ready to be reused and sold on for an affordable price.

So, if you are looking to save some money while looking after the environment, the next time you’re looking to buy a new laptop or computer make sure to check out some refurbished ones first, you can do this on the company website: or give us a call on 01672 520 133 for any questions!

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