Most businesses have old tech lying around and are worried about the data it may contain. We have a process that takes away your old tech and destroys the data in an ethically and environmentally friendly way. 

Recycling Charges

(*Qualifying items are: Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Switches, Routers, Tablets, IP phones and Apple Mac Books).

  • Free IT Collection Service – We are pleased to offer a free collection service for any size organisation. If you have 25 or more qualifying* items and your collection is within 50 miles of Green Machine headquarters (SN8 2XB), you may qualify for a free collection.
Additional fees
  • Less than 25 qualifying* items – £100 + VAT (£120)
  • Over 50 miles away (per 50-mile radius) – £50 + VAT (£60)
  • CRT Monitors – £25 + VAT (£30) each
  • Photocopiers/Industrial Printers – £100 + VAT (£120) each
  • Server Racks – £50 + VAT (£60) each
  • Interactive Whiteboards – £50 + VAT (£60) each
  • Office decommissions and clearances – Call to discuss options

“We recycle your old tech, destroying your old data and making your company greener.”

We offer a professional service to:

* Individuals

* Small and medium-sized companies

* Large companies / corporations

* Schools, colleges, universities

* Government & public sector organisations

This list outlines the type of items we collect:

PCs And Apple Mac Desktops

Laptops And Apple Mac Books

Mobile Phones And Tablets

Computer Monitors, Screens

CRT Monitors (£25 Recycling Charge + VAT)


Storage Equipment

Routers, Switches & Networking Equipment

Printers, Fax Machines & Scanners

Photocopiers (£100 Recycling Charge + VAT)

IP Telephone Systems

Server Racks (£50 Recycling Charge + VAT)

Interactive Whiteboards (£50 Recycling Charge + VAT)

UPS Batteries

Cables, Plugs, Data Cable

Please note this list is not exclusive and we will collect other items as well, if unsure please ask.

Our IT Recycling Process

Green Machine Computers collect IT equipment from sites all across the UK. We will come to your site or office premises, gather all your unwanted IT equipment, and conduct a full audit of everything collected, we then complete a comprehensive data wipe/destroy all data.

Green Machine's recycling process

Secure Data Destruction  Our premises are alarmed and protected by 24/7 CCTV and all areas are monitored. Data is locked in secure containers inside the building. All items are documented and audited upon collection, copies of which are sent to the customer. All data is securely destroyed onsite, this is done in our specialist data centre and we use a 2 stage process with a 100% pass process. We also provide certification of data destruction when requested. Any data failures are physically destroyed on site using data punching and crushing machines, these parts are then dismantled and sent for metal refinement.

Carbon Footprint Reduction We reduce the carbon footprint of all of our customers because we reuse the equipment and increase the lifespan of the tech we collect.  For example, for every laptop we reuse and recycle, we are saving the planet up to180KG of Co2 emissions.

Audit Trail Upon collection completion, you will receive a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note (DOC) – when the collection is performed. Within 7 days you should also receive an Asset Inventory Sheet (AIS) listing all the items we collected from you. If requested, within 28 days you should receive a Certificate of Data Destruction (COD) for all your goods containing data.

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