Recycling electronics securely & responsibly

Supporting your IT systems throughout their life and beyond

Saving the planet one computer at a time

Computer recycling service

Keep it green, recycle that machine

Responsible – Reusable items, once refurbished, get a second life with a local school or charity.

Economical – Recycling your computer hardware dramatically lowers your carbon footprint.

Affordable – By recovering the precious materials inside your e-waste, we are able to offer a free ITAD service for most collections.

  • 100% data destruction guarantee
  • Award-winning service
  • Free audit trail of your equipment
  • Data Destruction certificate
  • Carbon Reduction certificate
  • Fast & Free collection service (subject to requirements)

We reduce the carbon footprint of your company. The technology that we collect, we refurbish and reuse. Our repair facility is able to rebuild and reuse old IT equipment, and a large quantity of the refurbished devices get donated to local schools and charities.

IT recycling

We understand the importance of responsible electronic waste recycling for businesses.

By recycling your electronics with Green Machine, you are making a conscious decision to protect the environment and support a sustainable future.

Our award-winning recycling service offers businesses a seamless and reliable solution, ensuring their electronic waste is handled with the utmost care.

IT support

At Green Machine, we take the hassle out of managing your IT systems. Our experienced team of IT support technicians ensure the smooth operation of your computer hardware so you can focus on building your business.

We proactively monitor and maintain your infrastructure, perform updates and patches, and promptly address any issues. Our reliable and efficient IT support minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

IT sales

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality computer hardware that’s good for the planet?

Look no further!

We refurbish laptops and other computer hardware so you can upgrade your tech without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Visit our partner website, Tech4Sale, to start browsing now.

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Sustainable technology

“Waste is only waste if we waste it”

More than 6 million electrical items are thrown away each year in the UK, and it is estimated that at least half of them are still in working order or could easily be repaired. At the same time, millions of people in the UK don’t have access to a home computer.

By donating a significant amount of our refurbished computer hardware to schools, charities and non-profit organisations, we are helping to fight digital exclusion. After wiping, restoring and repairing your unwanted device, it is ready for a second life with someone less fortunate. The impact that your device can make on these people’s lives is astounding.

Award-winning services

We are fortunate to have won several awards for the work that we do, but that isn’t why we do it. Since Green Machine began in 2011, our goal has always been to help other people with the surplus technology that is being wasted across the country.

When you reuse computer parts, you prevent the need for something new to be made. A lot of resources go into building computer parts, so the more that we can reuse, the better it’ll be for our planet.

As technology enthusiasts, we recognise the significant benefits that computers give us. We believe that every person has the right to access those benefits, and that, in this modern age, computers are not a luxury, but a necessity.

Managing Director with his 2022 award for Business Leader of the Year

Greenmachine are not only doing us a favour with recycling IT looking after our environment

Greenmachine are not only doing us a favour with recycling IT looking after our environment, then selling reconditioned IT at affordable prices, in the process of all that, are helping people with educational challenges get qualifications! What’s not to love? Make sure you check them out. Also do business IT support.

MR Smith | IT Support


Simon and his team are absolutely first class PC experts who dove tail well into my skills and their support in data recovery tasks I have needed to undertake at short notice have been nothing less than superb!!! Simons Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and his teams implementation of of the plan has ensured the shortest possible time for me to recover the problem computers and hard drives.

Rich Pitts | Senior Research Advocate

Green Machine are the best at what they do; from annoying laptop problems, to US Military standard data removal. They offer the best prices you’ll ever see, and keep in touch the whole time! I cannot, and will not, recommend anyone as highly as Green Machine

Euan Gannon |

Simon has an encyclopaedic knowledge about pcs, servers and networks – combined with his passion for service & value – means he provides invaluable support to small & home based businesses.

Richard Paget | My Apple Juice

On behalf of Ramsbury Community Transport , The Ramsbury Flyer, may I offer our sincere thanks for the donation of a lap top. It will greatly help our work in the community

Ron Young | Deputy Chairman and Trustee of Ramsbury Community Transport & The Ramsbury Flyer

Simon Crisp has proven and extensive experience in IT, organisational management and leadership together with excellent people skills and business ethics. These attributes stand Simon out from the crowd and make him a joy to work with. Already a success, lead by Simon, I recommend Green Machine Computers as a solution to meet your needs.

Basit Ali Bsc Hons MRICS | Development Director

I have just taken delivery of the 3x iPads and 2x laptops and wanted to send you a huge thanks from all of us at St Michael’s. These will make such a difference to the pupils and staff.

Anonymous | St Michael’s

You have very kindly supported us with laptops before and we have purchased one from you also. Providing laptops to our team in Ghana has made such a difference to professionalising our work: helping staff to enter monitoring data and write reports, attend meetings with the UK team (which has been so vital particularly over the last year), streamline their work, and build on their IT skills. Once again thank you for all you are doing with the local community with the Tech Amnesty, it’s so fantastic.

Tara Colsell-Hawes | Operations and Projects Officer – Action Through Enterprise (ATE)

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